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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Melbourne Squatters Guide 2010

If you live in Victoria and are interested in squatting or just want some advice in general visit the Melbourne Squatters Guide here at the(currently moribund) City Is Ours website.

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Darlinghurst Squats- 1980s

These photos capture a group of squats that existed in Darlinghurst, Sydney during the mid 1980s. We haven’t been able to ascertain when the various buildings were first squatted, but according to former resident Simon Hunt “The squats extended along Palmer St from Cathedral St In Wolloomoollo all the way up to Stanley St, with … Continue reading »

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Position, position, position

You’re told that I’m a bludger ‘cause I don’t work nine to five; my job consists primarily of trying to stay alive, a job made far more challenging, ‘cause I’m not on the dole. I do not own a house, or land; at least I own my soul.

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Housing commission versus “empty” houses

This is the single greatest article about squatting I have ever found in a mainstream media source. I mean, it’s not really “about” squatting, but it’s squatting related. Basically, the Housing Commission sent out wrecking crews to destroy the former Glebe estate squats in the early 90s. But they weren’t as careful as they should … Continue reading »

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Bowen Hills 1972

Resistance to freeway construction and squatting have often gone hand in hand. All around the world the eviction of tenants and the compulsory purchase of homes by developers and governments has often led people to occupy and squat emptied properties in attempts to stop their destruction. One of many campaigns, and a successful one, that … Continue reading »

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