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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Charlie’s Squat- Perth 2009

This story about a West Australian squatted social centre comes from Perth Indymedia, 19/5/2009. According to the website’s comments following negotiations the squatters were offered a few extra months by the house’s “owner.” More information welcome!

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1988 Empress Factory Squat

In late 1987 the Empress Factory building at 253 Wellington St, Collingwood was squatted and turned into a cafe and performance space. During the mid 1990s the same building was squatted again as the Brown Warehouse providing a home for forest blockaders, punks and others and playing host to gigs and other events. This story … Continue reading »

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Well that is the kind of quality scanning you can expect from the Australian Squatting Museum, I guess. Elsie undoubtedly deserves better – it was the first refuge in Australia (the world?) for survivors of domestic violence and, yes, it was originally a squat. Anne Summers describes the opening in her memoir, Ducks on the … Continue reading »

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Sydney Squatters Group

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2008 Empty Show

This video documents a group of Australian artists turning an empty and abandoned building in Newcastle into a beautiful art space in 2003. Go here to download a high resolution version.

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2000 Broadway Squats Big Issue Article

The full length version of an article which originally appeared in the Big Issue in October 2000: The Broadway Squats. During the early 1970s battles over the future of Sydney’s inner city saw billions of dollars of real estate developments tied up as a coalition of unions, residents and conservationists lined up against property tycoons … Continue reading »

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Opening Doors

                      Opening Doors is the earliest Australian squatters’ handbook I’ve seen, a 70s/80s-ish instruction guide on how to go about finding, securing and nicing up an empty building of your own. While some of the legal details (and of course fashions) are strikingly out of … Continue reading »

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1993 Lost City Graffiti

Graffiti from North Melbourne in the 1990s, which was photographed and turned into a screen print by Alison Roper, before being subsequently printed in Woozy #3 in 1993. According to one source the Lost City was a large building squatted in the area during the late 1980s. If you know more contact us at

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1987 Sydney Squatting News

The following report originally appeared in Squat It #8.

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