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Monthly Archives: June 2011

2004 State of Emergency gathering

In May 2004 a warehouse on Albert St in East Brunswick was squatted in order to hold the State of Emergency gathering. Over 500 people attended workshops, forums and film screenings that attempted to address “the new forms of state power, war and neo-liberalism that pervade everyday life.” Plenty of fun was also had with … Continue reading »

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1993 Squatters Information Network article

After the Squatters Union fizzled out in the early 1990s a new Melbourne group, the Squatters Information Network (SIN), ran an advice line which was operated out of Shelter Victoria’s offices on a Friday afternoon. The following article written by a SIN member about squatting was published in Woozy #2 in 1993 and features cartoons … Continue reading »

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Womyn’s Days at Community Firestation

In 1987 the Squatters Union of Victoria (SUV) moved into an old firestation at 301 St Georges Rd, North Fitzroy. The space became known as the Community Fire Station and was shared with the Unemployed Workers Union, Koori groups, a printing press and others. On Fridays the feminist contingent of the SUV would run the … Continue reading »

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1986 Canberra Squatting Report

In the mid-1980s the ACT had its own Squatters Union. Here’s an ad for it as well as a report on squatting in the city from Squat It #4.

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2008-09 Student Housing Action Co-operative (SHAC) Squat documentary

The  Student Housing Action Co-operative (SHAC) campaign ran for almost five months during 2008-2009. Over 50 students were housed at 272-278 Faraday Street Carlton and the space was also used as a social centre and open community space. The squat and its attendant campaign not only put abandoned houses to good use, but also raised … Continue reading »

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3CR Squatters Show ad from 1987

An ad for the 3CR Squatters show from 1987. The program later merged with the Unemployed Workers Union program to become the SUWA (Squatters And Unwaged Airwaves) show. SUWA is still going strong and airs every Friday from 5-6pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time). You can pick it up on 855AM if you’re in Melbourne or … Continue reading »

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1987 Ivanhoe anti-eviction action report

A report from Squat It #7 on a feisty anti-eviction protest in the Melbourne suburb of Ivanhoe.

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Squat It cover

A cover drawn by Melbourne artist Jo Waite for an early, undated and unnumbered issue, of Squat It. This was the magazine of the Squatters Union of Victoria, which ran from the mid 1980s until the early 1990s. It included local, interstate and international squatting news and reports, lots of graphics and cartoons, and rants … Continue reading »

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Squatting Campaigns, 1940s-1990s

These are the unedited notes from a talk given by Iain McIntyre at Camp Eureka on Monday, 26th April, 2010. They originally appeared in Melbourne Black #3. Today I’ll be talking some campaigns from the past, as well as my own experiences around squatting activism, in order to stimulate discussion around squatting as a strategy … Continue reading »

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Glebe protest poster

Poster from the 1980s?

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