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2008, Melbourne: A talk about the Student Housing Action Co-operative (SHAC) campaign

In the following talk Liz provides an account of the 2008-2009 Student Housing Action Co-operative (SHAC) campaign and discusses its background and strategy. For more than five months 50 students were housed at 272-278 Faraday Street Carlton and the space was also used as a social centre and open community space. The squat and its … Continue reading »

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Sydney, 2000-2001: SHAC and the Broadway Squats

The following pieces concerning the Sydney Broadway Squats and actions by the Sydney Housing Action Collective (SHAC) originally appeared in the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) newspaper Direct Action in 2000 and 2001. For plenty more on SHAC just click on the tag Sydney below.

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2003, Sydney: The Balloon Factory social centre, social movements and space

The following text is an excerpt from Jeremy Kay’s Honours thesis, entitled “Politics of Appropriating Social Space: The Balloon Factory and Beyond”, which was completed in 2004. The thesis is a study of how social movements view and use appropriated space. It drew on the author’s experiences with the 2003 Balloon Factory squat and can … Continue reading »

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2000-2002, Sydney: Squatspace Actions

A video showing a variety of actions undertaken by Sydney’s Squatspace collective including them setting an Unreal Estate agency in Newcastle’s Hunter Street Mall in 2002.

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2001: Sydney, Interview with Predator at Broadway Squats

  A 2001 interview with Predator about Sydney’s Broadway squats and squatting in general. From Sydney Indymedia: “In 1997, Predator helped set up Catalyst, a radical community activist tech collective in Sydney, Australia. They went on to provide information technology services for a wide range of activist and commmunity based organisations around both Sydney and … Continue reading »

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2003: Melbourne, Herald Sun squatting article

The Herald Sun produced this “expose” on squatting in 2002, a full year after the production of the No Frills Melbourne Squatters Guide in 2002. Over 500 copies of the guide, which was based on earlier handbooks produced by the Squatters Union, Squatters Information Network and Sydney SHAC, were distributed around Melbourne via housing services, … Continue reading »

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2002: Sydney, Midnight Star Grand Ballroom and Social Centre

In early 2002 activists previously involved with the Broadway Squats and other projects decided to venture out of the inner-city to squat an amazing abandoned ballroom in Homebush. The following film by Anna Vo and pieces from the archives recount a little of the space’s ten month history.

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Charlie’s Squat- Perth 2009

This story about a West Australian squatted social centre comes from Perth Indymedia, 19/5/2009. According to the website’s comments following negotiations the squatters were offered a few extra months by the house’s “owner.” More information welcome!

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2008 Empty Show

This video documents a group of Australian artists turning an empty and abandoned building in Newcastle into a beautiful art space in 2003. Go here to download a high resolution version.

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2000 Broadway Squats Big Issue Article

The full length version of an article which originally appeared in the Big Issue in October 2000: The Broadway Squats. During the early 1970s battles over the future of Sydney’s inner city saw billions of dollars of real estate developments tied up as a coalition of unions, residents and conservationists lined up against property tycoons … Continue reading »

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