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1970s-1980s, Sydney: Becoming extra-legal, squatting inside and beyond the law.

Gavin Sullivan’s 1999 MacQuarie University thesis examines how squatters in Sydney navigated New South Wale’s criminal trespass laws in the 1970s and 1980s. In doing so it also provides a history of campaigns that occurred in Woolloomooloo, Pyrmont, and Glebe. Click below to download it in PDF form. Becoming extra-legal squatting inside and beyond the … Continue reading »

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Sydney, 1993- Forest Lodge Occupation

In June 1993 squatters from the group Direct Action Against Homelessness (DAAH) took over properties located between 76-80 Catherine St, Forest Lodge. The University of Sydney had left these empty for three years after evicting the former residents who had lived there for decades. With around 30 people taking part the group began repairing the … Continue reading »

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Late 1980s/Early 1990s, Melbourne and Sydney: Squatting stickers and posters

Some squatting related stickers and posters contributed by Ann.

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Melbourne Squats, 1989-90

Some sketches of squatters from the late 1980s as well as memories of the Empress squat, later resquatted as the Brown Warehouse, from an ex-squatter. Squatters Union of Victoria Meeting “The Empress in Collingwood was a great building and I was there at a good time (around) 1989-90. At that time there were about 8 people living … Continue reading »

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1990s: Sydney squatting poster

A poster which, judging from the fonts, was put together in the early 1990s.

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1996: Brown Warehouse anti-eviction photo and gig flyer

Cheers to Dave and Pep for these.

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1996: Brown Warehouse, 253 Wellington St, Collingwood

Originally squatted in the 1980s the old Empress Factory site at 253 Wellington St, Collingwood was retaken in 1996 to provide housing and a hub for music and activism. These  photos are from one of the many gigs that happened there and were provided by Julie. The story below about the space originally appeared in … Continue reading »

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1993 Melbourne Squatting Radio Documentary

This documentary was put together in 1993 as part of the UpRRRoar festival on 3RRR, which saw a variety of unemployed people present a weekend of programming on the Melbourne radio station as part of a Commonwealth Employment Service (CES) training scheme. The program covers a number of aspects of squatting including finding a new … Continue reading »

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Sydney University Squatting Actions. Then…

In 1993 squatters occupied buildings in Glebe owned by the University of Sydney which had been left empty for three years. The action was undertaken to highlight student homelessness and hardship and the lack of interest and action by tertiary institutions in the issue. The following news articles are just some of the coverage from … Continue reading »

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Housing commission versus “empty” houses

This is the single greatest article about squatting I have ever found in a mainstream media source. I mean, it’s not really “about” squatting, but it’s squatting related. Basically, the Housing Commission sent out wrecking crews to destroy the former Glebe estate squats in the early 90s. But they weren’t as careful as they should … Continue reading »

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