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1940s: Australian Squatting Campaigns

The following article, which provides a chronology of post-war squatting, originally appeared as a chapter in Iain McIntyre’s book Disturbing The Peace (Homebrew Publications) in 2005. Homes For The Homeless: Squatting In The Post-War Era The years following the end of World War II have often been portrayed as a time of harmony, but in … Continue reading »

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2002: Sydney, Midnight Star Grand Ballroom and Social Centre

In early 2002 activists previously involved with the Broadway Squats and other projects decided to venture out of the inner-city to squat an amazing abandoned ballroom in Homebush. The following film by Anna Vo and pieces from the archives recount a little of the space’s ten month history.

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2011: Sydney- New Years Eve banner drop

Banner drops and occupations took place at various empty building around Sydney on the most recent NYE, as reported on Sydney Indymedia and Squat!net: Some Sydney anarchists celebrate NYE by dropping 18 banners from 5 empty buildings in the CBD Black Rose books – January 5th, 2012 On New Years Eve while the city streets … Continue reading »

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1989: Sydney Broadway Squats

A set of shopfronts on Broadway near Sydney’s CBD was squatted not once, but twice, firstly in 1989, then in 2000. Elsewhere on this blog we have accounts from the latter occupation, but in this article from Angry People #10 in 1992 we get an account of the first one, in the context of commentary … Continue reading »

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1970s: Interview with Ian Milliss about Victoria St Squats

In this interview, originally broadcast on Community Radio 3CR, Iain McIntyre talks with Ian Milliss about his involvement with Sydney’s Victoria St squats. During the early 1970s this street in Kings Cross became the focus of a long running anti-development struggle that brought together long term residents, unionists and squatters in a campaign which reignited squatting … Continue reading »

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Upcoming exhibition about Darlinghurst including squats of the 1980s

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1970s: Victoria St Squats, Sydney

During the early 1970s Victoria Street in Kings Cross became the focus of a long running anti-development struggle that brought together long term residents, unionists and squatters in a campaign which reignited squatting across the city. The following article, written by Shane, originally appeared in Crowbar My Heart #3, 2009: This unaccountably long article is … Continue reading »

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2011: St Michael’s Squat Report

The following article appeared in Mutiny #62: For 3 months some homeless students, anarchists & workers had been squatting the massive 3 story St Michael’s Cathedral in Darlington, Sydney and had plans to turn it into a social centre and accessible accommodation. The occupiers had been able to build a properly functioning kitchen for community … Continue reading »

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2011 Occupy Sydney Squat Evicted

Occupy Sydney protesters who had squatted a building on Clarence Street, central Sydney, owned by Brookfield Multiplex were evicted at 9.30pm on November 8th. Despite the building having sat empty for three years police moved in with dogs and chainsaws arresting five people in the process.

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Occupy Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney

Occupy Melbourne ( Bravo to everyone who was involved in reclaiming public spaces in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth,  Sydney and elsewhere around Australia in protests against greed and corruption. Various places across the country have been transformed into vibrant spaces for free discussion bringing thousands of extra people into what are generally thoroughfares and/or empty outside … Continue reading »

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