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Late 1980s/Early 1990s, Melbourne and Sydney: Squatting stickers and posters

Some squatting related stickers and posters contributed by Ann.

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2010: Redfern People’s Castle

Despite serving as a community hub housing ten people, a free shop and a free cafe the People’s castle in Redfern was evicted by the City of Sydney in 2010. The city then took another year and a half to open the homeless shelter it had promised during the eviction. Meanwhile the squatters moved onto … Continue reading »

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2011: Sydney University Eviction

After 3 months occupation of a disused student college owned by the Catholic church a group of Sydney squatters were evicted in September 2011. For more on the squat check out this page.

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2001: Sydney, Interview with Predator at Broadway Squats

  A 2001 interview with Predator about Sydney’s Broadway squats and squatting in general. From Sydney Indymedia: “In 1997, Predator helped set up Catalyst, a radical community activist tech collective in Sydney, Australia. They went on to provide information technology services for a wide range of activist and commmunity based organisations around both Sydney and … Continue reading »

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1984: Australia You’re Squatting In It…

A round up of squatting activities happening in Adelaide, Canberra and Sydney from the Victorian Squatters Union’s 1984 Opening Doors handbook.

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2012: Sydney, Ashfield Anarchist HQ

This story on the eviction of this massive and productive space in March 2012 comes from Sydney Indymedia: Anarchist Ashfield HQ Evicted On Thursday the 15th of March a massive 4 story squat in Ashfield Sydney was evicted by private security forces. For 3 inspiring and eventful months the building had been home to over … Continue reading »

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1990s: Sydney squatting poster

A poster which, judging from the fonts, was put together in the early 1990s.

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1940s: Australian Squatting Campaigns

The following article, which provides a chronology of post-war squatting, originally appeared as a chapter in Iain McIntyre’s book Disturbing The Peace (Homebrew Publications) in 2005. Homes For The Homeless: Squatting In The Post-War Era The years following the end of World War II have often been portrayed as a time of harmony, but in … Continue reading »

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2002: Sydney, Midnight Star Grand Ballroom and Social Centre

In early 2002 activists previously involved with the Broadway Squats and other projects decided to venture out of the inner-city to squat an amazing abandoned ballroom in Homebush. The following film by Anna Vo and pieces from the archives recount a little of the space’s ten month history.

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2011: Sydney- New Years Eve banner drop

Banner drops and occupations took place at various empty building around Sydney on the most recent NYE, as reported on Sydney Indymedia and Squat!net: Some Sydney anarchists celebrate NYE by dropping 18 banners from 5 empty buildings in the CBD Black Rose books – January 5th, 2012 On New Years Eve while the city streets … Continue reading »

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