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Melbourne, 2011-12: Squatted gigs

A couple of reports from Indymedia about punk gigs hosted in disused spaces. Punks Not Dead – Melbourne punk bands reclaim unused spaces for shows December 2011 Almost 35 years since punk hit independent bands in Melbourne, Australia are still keeping the punk spirit alive. They are are saying F*@% you! to the main stream … Continue reading »

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1980, Sydney: A Self Help Community – The Darlinghurst-Wollomoolo Squatters

During the 1970s a large number of squats were set up in properties purchased and subsequently left empty by the Department of Main Roads in Sydney. Amongst the variety of creative projects that came out of this community was this report and proposal for cooperative housing. Prepared by Greg Vickas, Paula Fairbairn, Helen Pellow, Petra … Continue reading »

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1984: Australia You’re Squatting In It…

A round up of squatting activities happening in Adelaide, Canberra and Sydney from the Victorian Squatters Union’s 1984 Opening Doors handbook.

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1983: Melbourne, Bona Vista Mansion squat

In September 1983 a 23 room South Yarra mansion known as Bona Vista was squatted by 12 unemployed people. Owned by the government communications department Telecom (since privatised and turned into Telstra) the Heritage listed property had lain empty for eight years. With the help of the Victoria Squatters Union and trade unionists the mansion … Continue reading »

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2012: Sydney, Ashfield Anarchist HQ

This story on the eviction of this massive and productive space in March 2012 comes from Sydney Indymedia: Anarchist Ashfield HQ Evicted On Thursday the 15th of March a massive 4 story squat in Ashfield Sydney was evicted by private security forces. For 3 inspiring and eventful months the building had been home to over … Continue reading »

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2011: Sydney- New Years Eve banner drop

Banner drops and occupations took place at various empty building around Sydney on the most recent NYE, as reported on Sydney Indymedia and Squat!net: Some Sydney anarchists celebrate NYE by dropping 18 banners from 5 empty buildings in the CBD Black Rose books – January 5th, 2012 On New Years Eve while the city streets … Continue reading »

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1996: Brown Warehouse anti-eviction photo and gig flyer

Cheers to Dave and Pep for these.

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1996: Brown Warehouse, 253 Wellington St, Collingwood

Originally squatted in the 1980s the old Empress Factory site at 253 Wellington St, Collingwood was retaken in 1996 to provide housing and a hub for music and activism. These  photos are from one of the many gigs that happened there and were provided by Julie. The story below about the space originally appeared in … Continue reading »

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2011 Occupy Sydney Squat Evicted

Occupy Sydney protesters who had squatted a building on Clarence Street, central Sydney, owned by Brookfield Multiplex were evicted at 9.30pm on November 8th. Despite the building having sat empty for three years police moved in with dogs and chainsaws arresting five people in the process.

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Sydney University Squatting Actions: And now…

2010-11 has seen a number of new squats opened in Sydney as well as a series of actions. Most recently the squatting of St Michaels College, which had laid empty for eight years, saw riot police violently evict occupiers who had barricaded themselves inside.  History is what’s happening… Image:  Inner West Courier Image: Green Left … Continue reading »

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