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1970s, Sydney and Brisbane- Squatting Talk

In the following talk Margaret, Peter and Jessica share their memories of squatting in Sydney and Brisbane during the 1970s. The talk was recorded by by Laurel at the Squatting Past and Present gathering held at Hot Shots on August 27 2016.

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1972-1987, Sydney: A short history of the Glebe Squats

A short history of the Glebe Squats 1972 to 1987 By Bill Holliday. In 1948, associated with the County of Cumberland plan, the Department of Main Roads (DMR) drew up plans for radial city expressways two of which were the Western Expressway and the North Western Expressway. Both expressways were to leave the city at … Continue reading »

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1984, Sydney: Pyrmont Squats

A day in the life of Pyrmont Squatters, as seen by the Sydney Morning Herald.

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1946, Sydney: The Squatting of Maramanah

The following article by Elliot Lamb discusses the squatting of a 20 room mansion in Kings Cross in 1946 and the campaign that grew around this action. It is available here as a fully footnoted PDF: The Squatting of Maramanah. The Squatting of Maramanah Less than a year after the end of WWII, a group … Continue reading »

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1980s, Melbourne: A Stranger Changed My Life

The following story about the 1980s squatting scene is by Rohan Wightman. It first appeared on Radio National’s 360 Documentary website in 2014. A Stranger Changed My Life I fled the suburbs to the city with my mates, Paris and Stoffy. They were fleeing the cops. I was fleeing boredom. We opened a squat on … Continue reading »

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Sydney, 1993- Forest Lodge Occupation

In June 1993 squatters from the group Direct Action Against Homelessness (DAAH) took over properties located between 76-80 Catherine St, Forest Lodge. The University of Sydney had left these empty for three years after evicting the former residents who had lived there for decades. With around 30 people taking part the group began repairing the … Continue reading »

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1989, Sydney: Broadway Squats, Round One

This story from Angry People magazine in 1992 discusses, in the context of moves to sell off parks, the first time shopfronts Sydney’s Broadway were squatted and evicted by South Sydney council. The squats were reoccupied in 2000 and held for a number of months.  

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1976: Sydney- Squatting round up

In the mid-70s there were a host of new squats set up in Sydney in areas such as Darlinghurst, Pyrmont and Bondi. The following article from Rising Free: A Paper of Revolutionary Obscurantism, which was lifted from the Reason In Revolt website, gives an overview of developments in the Glebe area around 1976.

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2000s: Squatspace, NSW

This interview about Squatspace’s activities in the Broadway squats in 2000-01 is taken from a 2008 issue of Shane’s Crowbar My Heart zine. Squatspace continue to put on various events and more information about these as well as their history can be found here.

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1988 Brisbane Squatting report

From the pages of Squat It! comes this Brisbane squatting report:

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